The second half of my 10 car garage

As I may have mentioned, my older blog was exclusively about cars and on it I created half of my perfect 10 car garage.

Now here I shall do the other half.

6. Ferrari F40

Here is the first car to ever break 200 miles and hour, but it didn’t just go 200, it went 201. 201. If you are going to break a milestone that is how you do it. Not just getting there, but getting there and going up. That is the mentality of every aspect of this car. I am relatively firm when I say that this is my favorite car. ever.

7. Land Rover Defender

It is simply the coolest 4×4 offroader ever. I’d climb Everest in this thing.

8. Alpha Romeo Giulietta (pronounced julietta) spyder

Imagine flying down the pacific coast highway with the top down in this. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. If you want a gorgeous droptop, Alpha is where you are going, this is what you are going to want to get your hands on, and certainly what I would. Mmmmmmmm.

9. Hatteras GT60

This is not a car. That being said, 10 cars is excessive and I would much rather have one of these bad boys than another car, especially if I already have 8 perfect ones.

10. Cessna 206

Another one of my dreams is to get my pilots license. This can be my road trip car, when I really have to get somewhere fast. Taking the kids to visit college and go on vacation etc. Plus its a fricken plane.

I hope I win the lottery.


The new Miata: should men still be ashamed of loving them?

I am not a misogynist, nor am I an anti-feminist or anything of that sort, but I do recognize the fact that some products in our world are largely marketed for women, and others, for men. There’s nothing wrong with this truth, just as there is nothing wrong with a woman buying truck nuts or a man buying a brassiere, you can buy whatever you want, it’s America.

The world of cars has this capitalist philosophy as well. The fact of the matter is that some cars tend to be bought by men and others women. There are certainly women who own Ford F350’s and I know for a fact men can own VW Beetle’s (my dad had one for about 7 years).

There is one car that has toed the line for years: the Mazda MX-5, or as we lovingly call it here in America, the Miata.

This car’s appearance is…..girly. Not using that as a derogatory term, all I am saying is it is a small, cute, coupe with rounded edges and small wheels; its no muscle car. That being said, when bang for your buck is taken into consideration, this could be one of the best driver’s cars out there.

It has the bare bones basic necessities for the perfect sports car. It is light, with rear wheel drive, not too huge of an engine in the front, but one with enough power to zip you around with a smile on your face. And that is the essence of the Miata. Grown men driving around with hoods and sunglasses on, so their friends don’t see them, but grinning from ear to ear because of it’s excellence. Now however, there is a new one.

Look at that, honestly it has turned from a cute little zippy thing to something that makes one almost even think muscle. It has become more angular, with a meaner face. I think it looks great.

Now, just because it looks meaner, doesn’t mean the driving has changed to suit that, because when something isn’t broken you shouldn’t fix it, and the Miata certainly was not broken on the driving front. It has a four cylinder 2.0 that churns out 155 horses. And this is perfect for a small sports car. Mazda has a perfect game going with this car, honestly, and it only gets better when you look at the price. This little box of fun starts, STARTS at 23 grand, new with stereo and 6 speed manual and AC and all of the things you could ever ask for.

Icing on the cake of the Miata? You can take the top off. What more could you ask for?

I don’t know how to spell ukulelelelele

Over spring break a became enamored with the songs of warm weather. Thus when I returned home, I went and purchased myself one, and I honestly couldn’t be happier.

I got a cordoba cutaway tenor acoustic-electric, which basically means it is the third largest kind of uke and I can plug it in to

Here she is.

my amp (and it sounds good).

The first few things that you need to know about these little things is that the strings are in a stupid order. There are only 4 strings on it and they are in a stupid order from lowest to highest the strings are in the following order 3-2-4-1, which makes no sense. On a guitar there are six strings that go from lowest to highest down the neck, which does make sense. Now I can’t go up and down scales as easily and it is really annoying and will definitely take some getting used to.

That being said however, this little thing was really easy to start playing. Chords are pretty simple. There are only 4 strings, so the riffs aren’t normally that complicated either. All in all, this is a really fun, I recommend all string instrument players to grab one because it will be easy for you to play and it is a nice alternate sound to have in your arsenal.

buy one.

Did Porsche accidentally create a competitor for itself?


That would make this blog post somewhat short, so let me elaborate a bit:

It has been the assumed over the years by all who are interested in cars, that Porsche has always tuned down the Cayman so that it does not create a car superior to the classic 911. It is no secret that the chassis of the Cayman is better, but for some reason it was always a step below its older counterpart.

However, Porsche has decided now to change its mind, and now are creating a car which, instead of being a step down from the 911, may be closer to being a step above the 911. Thus, the Cayman GT4 is born, and because there are about 100 different kinds of 911s I will be using the Carerra S as a comparing point.

The aforementioned superior chassis has been upgraded, the car is lower more aerodynamic, with a fixed wing on the back. It weighs in at just under a ton and a half (2800ish pounds) which is lighter than a Carrera S.

I know what you are thinking, “the Cayman has always been a car that handles excellently, this is nothing new, the engine in the 911 will always be superior”

Au Contraire.

I bet you wouldn’t guess whose engine the Cayman is borrowing for the GT4 model. You are right! the Porsche 911 Carrera s!!! 3.8 liter flat six boasting somewhere around 400 BHP. Guess where both engines are mounted. I’ll give you a hint, it isn’t the front. You’re right, it is the back!!!!!

As you are now quite good at guessing, I think I will just tell you the facts. They have the same zero to sixty time: 4.3 seconds, they both have a top speed in the 180s, they both have 6 speed manuals (although the Caymen does not have the option of paddles while the 911 does), and they are both sold by a company in Germany called Porsche.

Did two cars that are the exact same to you? No, though it may seem like it.

There are two key differences in these two cars and that is performance and price.

The Cayman is rumored to have gone around the Nurburgring (the ultimate track test of a sports/super car) in 7 minutes and 40 seconds, which is not only faster than a Carrera S, but also beats out the 911 Turbo.

Then there is the price. The Cayman is 15 grand less than a carrera s and almost 30 less than a turbo.

I think that this is an easy choice but I have to ask you, Porsche…..What are you thinking?

That being said, thank you for the new amazing car.

Clarkson being Clarkson

When one is looking for the best in automotive television/journalism, the top of the line is Jeremy Clarkson. He is an incredible writer and an even better entertainer. Together with James May and Richard Hammon, they have one of the best shows on television: BBC’s Top Gear. If you’re a gear head, you’ll love it, and if you’re not, you will probably still love iy. It is funny, and powerful all at the same time. This trio has great chemistry and through the eloquent writing and presenting they are able to create, they are also able to inspire a passion in automobiles as well as many other things.

One thing that you should know about Jeremy specifically is that he is an open book, and is generally not afraid to say and do what he feels. He is an incredibly proud brit and a large conservative and when he is given a chance to make fun of the french, americans, young people, and any car company, he will usually do so. He is not malicious in doing so, he is laughing with you, not at you. He is a huge figure of being able to laugh at yourself. If you are up-tight about your identity, you may dislike Jeremy.

(That all being said, there are many times when he is kind of offensive)

Up until recently, this has only attributed more to his popularity but this week he may have crossed a line.

It seems as though he became involved in an altercation with one of his producers which involved him punching the producer

Clarkson (left) exemplifies his comedy with co presenters Hammond (middle) and May (right).

(James May called it “a bit of a dust up” in classic British fashion). That being said, he reported himself to the BBC and has stated that he regrets his actions.

As a result of this Top Gear’s season has been taken off of the air and Clarkson has been suspended. This has infuriated the fans (me). Why should we be punished for a passionate man going over the line. Thus a petition has been created on the internet that is nearing 1 million signatures. Even the prime minister of the UK has come out and says he hopes Jeremy gets back on television

Did he do a bad thing? Yes, obviously. I am one who believes that violence solves absolutely nothing. We know its wrong, the BBC knows its wrong, Jeremy knows its wrong. He will not be doing this again, obviously, and he is too big of a talent and too incredible of a talent to simply not allow back on television.

The show needs Jeremy, gear heads need Jeremy. He has been on the show since the 80s, it is nothing without him. Over the years, the show has accrued 350 million viewers world wide. I have no doubt in my mind that he is largely the reason for this.

He is a martyr of free speech in a world of television that harps on being politcally correct. He isn’t a racist or a sexist or a homophobe obviously, it isn’t that kind of lack of filter. He is simply unafraid of being honest, and that is integral to journalism, it is why he is so good. He is an eloquent writer, a smart man, and one of the funniest people on television.

He is a controversial, mean jerk, who can be a real @$$, as displayed by his little altercation, but he is our @$$. He is not a mean spirited man.

BBC, we need Jeremy back.


Here are some great Clarkson quotes so you get a feel for the guy (courtesy of this website):

“A turbo: exhaust gasses go into the turbocharger and spin it, witchcraft happens and you go faster.”

“Tonight, the new Viper, which is the American equivalent of a sports car… in the same way, I guess, that George Bush is the equivalent of a President.”

Talking about a Corvette: “I would buy that car if I was the sort of person who looked at their sister and thought, mmmmmm.”

Talking about a mercedes: “Braking in this car is so brutal, it would be less painful to actually hit the tree you were trying to miss.”

“This is a Renault Espace, probably the best of the people carriers. Not that that’s much to shout about. That’s like saying ‘Oh good, I’ve got syphilis, the best of the sexually transmitted diseases!'”

A people carrier is a mini van by the way

“Sure it’s quiet, for a diesel. But that’s like being well-behaved… for a murderer.”

Just go to the website it is worth it.

Finger pickin’ good

I have a sort of dilemma, not just with playing guitar, but with living life in general. My problem is that I lose things very very easily. My wallet, my keys, my shoes, my textbooks, my dog, my sister, et cetera, et cetera. I have even bought a product called a tile so that I can find the things I will inevitably lose. Unfortunately, however, the tile can’t be applied to everything. The thing that I lose the most, is picks. It is uncanny. I would say that the picks I use live an average of one session of playing. If the picks are lucky, I will sometimes stick them in my bridge and that extenuates their life, but only for a while. They are all over my house. I have put on a fresh pair of pants, and found 1-5 picks in the pocket. There has been many times when I have woken up, gotten out of bed, and traveled to the bathroom where I look at the mirror and I see a pick stuck to my face, because I somehow slept on it. They are everywhere, kind of like stinkbugs that you can play guitar with, and don’t smell bad.

Anyway, the reason I am bringing this up is because I have come up with a way to get past this conundrum of never having a pick: finger picking.

It is a relatively easy way to sound really really good. Essentially instead of strumming chords, you pick the individual strings while fingering a chord in order to get the sound of each not within a chord. Banjo players almost exclusively finger pick and its very popular in the kind of music I listen to.

BUZZZZZ BUZZZZ BUZZZZZZZZZZ…..the future sound of acceleration

While we all may be rejoicing overtime we drive by a gas station and see $1.95/gal, but I am afraid I have some bad news: fossil fuels are finite. They shan’t last forever, and then what? Will the performance car as we know it be dead? I won’t stand for a population of people driving Nissan Leaf’s. That is no world I want to live in.

Thankfully though, there is no need for fear. The last internal combustion explosion will not be the last day of driving great cars. Here are a couple of electric cars that help gear-heads sleep easy.

The Tesla Model S

This is a slick looking car, and with regards to performance it really isn’t bad. 0-60 in 5.5 seconds with a little over 300 BHP for the low end model (yes it’s still 70 grand, its an electric car, they’re not exactly cheap, but that’s because they are still new). The really exciting part is the new Model S P85d, which has an insane 691 BHP and goes 0-60 in an amazing 3.2 seconds. Those are the same numbers as an Aventador, and not one ounce of dead dinosaur was burned in the process of that acceleration. I think I am ready for that kind of future in automotive performance. I think that will make the lack of fossil fuels a bit easier to get over.

The BMW I8

This is the exact car I think we all imagined when we thought of a cool futuristic electric car of 2050. It makes me think of the futurist science fiction bat-mobile. It is absolutely gorgeous, and, you guessed it, it is fast. 0-60? 3.5 seconds. BHP? 351. Not to mention its about 80000000000 times better looking than the tesla. This car makes the others in the hybrid/electric look like Chevy Malibu’s: plain, boring, certainly not going to turn any heads. You may be able to read into the fact that I am incredibly excited about this car. It is the super car of the future. The exciting part is, we can get it today.

There may be one question you have about these car’s: how long can I go on a crumby battery. This is the current problem with the electric car, especially the performance type. The Tesla isn’t bad, you get 29 miles of range per hour of charge with your average outlet, but if you have a lot of cash you can get the Tesla supercharger, which will give you over 200 miles in about an hour. And because the BMW people are Gemans, everything is in KM so with the I8 has a max range of 600 Km, whatever that means.

What I am trying to say is this: don’t worry. There are too many people out there who love cars to let them simply die with the death of the fossil fuel.

The future looks bright.